Our edible insects

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Enjoy our edible insects delicately seasoned for an aperitif with friends.

Our apérivers

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Discover in all simplicity our insects to cook and give free rein to your imagination!




Sustainable Food

Insects have a source of good quality protein for both those looking to replace meat as part of an omnivorous diet but also for flexitarians who wish to reduce their intake of meat and willing to consume edible insects. In addition, the environmental impact is lower than so-called "conventional" farms, both in terms of the space required, quantities of resources and even less pollution.



Our insects are fed with cereals and vegetables from organic farming.


No chemicals are used for their good development. They live simply at their own pace.


Our insects are bred in Vienne.

Life conditions

Unlike traditional farms, insects live in promiscuity and they love it!

No waste

All insect residues are recovered as fertilizer.


The breeding of insects has a low environmental impact.